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ELS offers several lighting applications that can significantly decrease the energy consumption of elevator cabs, eliminating UV and heat levels for passenger comfort. By switching your current lamps from incandescent and/or halogen to LED, you can achieve an energy savings of up to 90%.

ELS LED bulbs are an ideal light source for elevators because their rugged design can withstand the vibrations and motions of elevator cabins. LEDs also have a compact size and produce light levels and color that work well in such an environment.

As an added benefit, the LED bulbs are can last up to 50,000 hours, or more than five years being on all day, every day. Compared with traditional incandescent fixtures in elevators, which have a life span of between 1,500 and 2,500 hours. LED bulbs provide cost savings for replacement and significantly reduce your maintenance cost. Because LEDs typically do not fail outright, with the light levels slowly reducing over time, maintenance crews can plan for re-lamping, rather than having to respond to lamp failures as they occur.

Elevator passengers will find increased comfort in terms of visibility, heat levels, color, and attractiveness of the light.

LED Lighting provides an outstanding Return on your Lighting Investment

Businesses usually require investments with short payback periods and attractive rates of return. LED Energy-efficient lighting is an excellent investment. By retrofitting your current elevators with LED, the following returns can be achieved:

  • Payback period of 3 to 4 months
  • Increased Cash flow
  • ROI of greater than 200%
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

For a additional information on the savings with elevator lighting applications review our market study:
Elevator Energy Savings Analysis

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LED re-lamp, crisp light, No UV, cool lighting source for passenger comfort.

Elevator Lighting Applications
The following bulbs are the most common retrofit solutions for your elevators:

A19 LED Bulb
MR16 LED Bulb
GU10 LED Bulb
PAR30 LED Bulb
T8 2" LED Tube
T8 4" LED Tube
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Sure, it’s not HVAC—but elevators are ripe for efficiency improvements.

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But many of the most aggressive retrofits or new green construction projects don’t address one energy user that sits in every large building: elevators.
There are plenty of reasons why elevators don’t get any respect in the world of green. Most only account for about five percent to eight percent of a building’s total energy use. In many cases, elevators have been in place for decades and undertaking a full replacement is expensive and inconvenient. What's more, performing heavy maintenance (forget about retrofits) does nothing to garner the good will of inconvenienced tenants. Read More>>>

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