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Why ELS LED Lighting:

ELS is a leader in the Retail lighting channel and has a track record of helping customers present their products in the best possible light while reducing their energy consumption and costs.

Whether it is the construction of a new store or an existing store retrofit, ELS has some of the most innovative LED Lighting solutions to meet your needs.

Retail LED Lighting Solutions

LED Product Solutions
PAR30 LED Lamp - reduce energy consumption by 75%. Save $27.38 annually vs. standard Par30 halogen bulb.
PAR38 LED Lamp - reduce energy consumption by 75% of your total. Save $33.98 anually vs. standard Par38 Lamp.
T8 LED Lamp - reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Save $12.88 vs. standard T8 U fluorescent.
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An Outstanding Return on a Light Investment

Businesses usually require investments with short payback periods and attractive rates of return. Energy-efficient lighting is just such an investment. As much as 40 percent of your electric bill may be just the cost of your business lighting requirements.

By installing energy-efficient lighting, you can:

• Significantly reduce electric usage
• Decrease monthly energy costs
• Markedly improve lighting quality
• Provide a safer and more productive work environment.