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Lighting Applications

Facility Management
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Why ELS LED Lighting:

Facility Needs & Trends

  1. Reduce energy and maintenance cost, which drives bottom-line cost savings
  2. Maintain or improve occupant satisfaction and facility aesthetics
  3. Improve your facilities' environmental footprint
  4. Leverage environmentally conscious lighting solutions
LED Product Solutions
DLC LED T8 Lamps - reduce energy consumption by 50% vs. the standard Fluorescent lamps.
PAR38 LED Lamp - reduce energy consumption by 75% of your total. Save $33.98 anually vs. standard Par38 Lamp.
T8 LED U Lamp - reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Save $12.88 vs. standard T8 U Lamp fluorescent.
PAR30 LED Lamp - reduce energy consumption by 75%. Save $27.38 annually vs. standard Par30 halogen bulb..
News and Updates

School Lights
School lighting strategies can cut energy use and save money.

Old, flickering fluorescent tubes and heat-shedding incandescent bulbs should be a thing of the past, but in many schools, they’re an inefficient, underperforming part of the present
It doesn’t have to be this way. The constant evolution of lighting technology results in lower costs and better light quality for a variety of lamp types. After a little homework, you can make an educated decision about improving the lighting in your facility.

Start by examining the current state of your facility. Take a look at electronic equipment, occupant behavior, and any other factors that affect energy use. Where is the building’s power density concentrated? When, where, and how are the lights used? What are the ceiling and plenum heights throughout the school?


Product Solutions

An Outstanding Return on a Light Investment

School Facilities usually require investments with short payback periods and attractive rates of return. Energy-efficient lighting is just such an investment. As much as 40 percent of your electric bill may be just the cost of your facility lighting requirements.

By installing energy-efficient lighting, you can:

• Significantly reduce electric usage
• Decrease monthly energy costs
• Markedly improve lighting quality
• Provide a safer and more productive work environment.