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Electronic Lighting Systems, Inc. (ELS) is one of few vertically integrated LED manufacturers in the world. ELS's LEDs are the next generation in solid state lighting. Our LED emitters combine highly efficient materials that allow our emitters an efficacy well above other leading brands in the marketplace. ELS's patented technology allow our emitters to achieve unprecedented light levels in its raw lighting state, not optimized to increase light levels, like other brands. ELS's LED emitters are thoroughly tested for conformity and electrical specifications. Our high brightness LEDs are useful in a wide range of lighting applications such as general illumination, automotive lighting, aeronautical lighting applications, and LCD

The family of ELS LED chips have been developed with end user applications in mind. Instead of following a component driven strategy, ELS produces product specifications targeted at the end user requirements for general lighting applications. Our products are optimized to deliver the performance necessary to eliminate high volume LED light sources, at the same time, providing high quality uniform illumination.

ELS produces and designs its own advanced technological, high brightness LED chips offering high light efficiency, effective heat dissipation, and excellent reliability. ELS focuses on meeting these technical requirements, while minimizing cost and enabling high lumen per watt output.