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ELS 5 watt Dimmable E26/E27 LED Lamp

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ELS 5 watt Dimmable E26/E27 LED Light Bulb is a direct replacement for incandescent and halogen light bulbs. This bulb consumes only 5 watts as opposed to a 60 watt incandescent bulb. This replacement can reduce your energy consumption up to 85% of your current use.

Light Usage:

General, Architectural, Down Lighting, Recessed Lighting fixtures

Typical features of ELS LEDs include:

  • High Lumen Output
  • UL, CE/RoHS Certificate Compliant
  • Reclyclable Plastic Housing
  • Expected Life of 20,000 hours

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5 watt Dimmable LED Lamp

An Outstanding Return on a Light Investment

Businesses usually require investments with short payback periods and attractive rates of return. Energy-efficient lighting is just such an investment. As much as 40 percent of your electric bill may be just the cost of your business lighting requirements.

By installing energy-efficient lighting, you can:

• Significantly reduce electric usage
• Decrease monthly energy costs
• Markedly improve lighting quality
• Provide a safer and more productive work environment.

Cost of Energy Comparative Analysis

As a direct replacement for an 60 watt Incandescent lamp, your savings would be approximately 90% of your current energy consumption.

Graph compares the cost of energy per lamp, based on a Commercial price per kilowatt of $0.1633/hour, 12 hours per day of usage, for 364 days. Cost of energy data for CA from U.S. Department of Energy data for May 2010.

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