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ELS E40 50 watt LED Down Lamp

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Our ELS 50 watt E40 LED Down lamp is a direct replacement for 250 watt High Pressure Sodium lamps. Our bulb series consumes only 50 watts. This replacement can reduce your energy consumption up to 80% of your current use.

Our product utilizes a single chip design that eliminates a shadowing effect, giving you clean crisp light output.

Light Usage:

Street Light, Parking Area. Outdoor Working Facilities, Solar Lighting, General Outdoor Lighting Applications

Typical features of ELS LEDs include:

  • High Lumen Output
  • CE and RoHS Certificate Compliant
  • Expected Life of 50,000 hours
  • 3 Year Warranty

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50 watt LED Street Lamp

Cost of Energy Comparative Analysis

The chart below represents the annual energy savings of our 50 watt LED lamp compared to a 250 watt Metal Halide lamp. The ELS LED lamp reduces your overall engergy consumption by 80%.

Graph compares the cost of energy per lamp, based on a Commercial price per kilowatt of $0.1633/hour, 12 hours per day of usage, for 364 days. Cost of energy data for CA from U.S. Department of Energy data for May 2010.  
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