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ELS 50 watt LED High Bay Fixture

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Our 50 watt High Bay Fixture is a direct replacement for a 250 watt Metal Halide High Bay. This fixture reduces your enrgyg consumption up to 80% of your current use. Our LED fixxture is a cool lighting source, which produces No UV or IR, which reduces HVAC loads and temperatures. This feature greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Our product utilizes a single chip design that eliminates a shadowing effect, giving you clean crisp light output.

Light Usage:

Down Lighting, Industrial, Commercial, Warehouse Lighting Applications

Typical features of ELS LEDs include:

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100 watt LED Street Light

Photometric Data

The chart below represents the photometric data of the ELS 50 watt LED fixture. Fixture has a candlepower trace of 6000K, single Bridgelux LED 50 watt module with IESNA Type I Short Distribution. Luminaire with 4250 initial delivered lumens operating at 300mA.

Light Distribution Curve

ELS 100 watt High Bay Photometric Data

Independent Testing Laboratories certified test. All published luminaire photometric testing performed to IESNA LM-79-08 standards.

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